SEVEN DAY SLIM: A Seven Day Detox to Kick Start your Weight Loss

This simple and easy-to-follow diet and exercise guide will get you incredible results in just seven days.  If you want more energy, fast results and a meal plan you can follow for life, join us today.

The meal plan is full of foods that you will love.

The key is to cook from scratch, and I will teach you how to love wholesome nutritious food that your friends and family can enjoy too.

We are looking at long term lifestyle change, and the first seven days are crucial! I will share my favourite recipes, tips and tricks and I will be there by your side to help you through.

I will give you EVERYTHING you need to know, Shopping Lists, Meal Ideas and Ingredients lists.

Information on how to measure yourself so you will be able to see EXACTLY what results you get from the program, and how to take your before photo, so you can see how your body is changing.

Each morning you will get an email from me with the link to your workout.

The workouts are short (15 minutes) so you can fit them in around your busy schedule, and they don’t use any equipment.

You won’t need a gym and you can definitely work out in your living room.

After the 7 days we will re-measure and celebrate your success!


  • How to Measure your Progress
  • Meal Plan, Shopping List and Ingredients List
  • Daily Workout Video (in real time) and Motivation Email
  • Access to Members Only Forum to get support from other participants and to have contact with Eli to answer your questions
  • Recipes to inspire you, and to share delicious food with your friends and family
  • Daily check in’s to keep you accountable and on track!
  • Day 8 and beyond – information on how to keep up with your new healthy lifestyle
  • Lifetime Access
  • FULL 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – if you aren’t happy simple email me within 30days and I will refund you in full!
  • And more… Extra Bonuses to help you get the results you deserve

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About The Seven Day Slim

I lost from my bellybutton measurement, hips, thighs and arm.  I am astounded by these results.  I am definitely happy with this and even though was unable to do last 2 workouts due to a knee injury I will definitely try this again. Thank you so much Eli for this program!

”Allison”, ””

I must say I am absolutely blown away and impressed! After measuring this morning, I have lost 7.25 inches in total…Even though I struggled with the diet, I still have these amazing results!

”April”, ””

First I had schedule conflicts, then I’ve been hosting a flu-ish thing (still) however the effort I was able to put in awarded me with a 9.5 cm overall loss!

”Sherry”, ””

My work related injured arm turned out to be some damaged ligaments and broken bones around my fingers. I couldn’t workout on Sat and Sun or follow the meal plan much those days but I managed to lose 5.5 inches. Lost the most around my chest, waist and belly button. Very happy with the results. Thank you Eli

”Sarah”, ””